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Interactive live painting

I love sharing the joy of painting!

For me painting is like dancing so I love to paint in festivals and parties. The energy of the music, the dancers is so driving and inspiring.

I like to install my easel around the dance floor and invite people to paint. It is often their first contact with the playfulness of oil paints. For some it is a beautiful discovery. For others it is a deep exploration of themselves.   Sometimes, experimented painters come to put their touch! I smoothly direct the activity so the people can learn and have fun at the same time.

It is an always renewed discovery of how the music, the brush, your body and soul come to dance with the paint.

Since I've been running this setup for while now I've acquired a lot of ''painting in parties'' experience. The setup may run on the party’s electrical setup or can be run on batteries. It is sturdy and it is not messy. The whole setup is quite adaptable.



I hope to see you with a brush soon!