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I teach drawing and painting for all levels. I teach in a calm and friendly manner.

I learned the classical painting techniques as well as the modern ones. An individual approach is developed for each students of the group. All students have their own project to work on so they can focus on what they want to learn and develop their autonomy. Each one of any level can progress considerably.

The class is for the beginners or the more advanced ones. The beginner approach is progressive. The learning of the fundamentals is divided to learn step by step and intended to gain self-confidence. The more advanced painters will discover new way to improve their art.

Each student is free to work in the medium of his or her choice. I usually teach oils, acrylics, watercolours and drawing mediums as charcoal, pastels and graphite.

Painting is a joyful way to share!


Some documents, still in french

materiel peint 1ercours simonprovost
liste couleurs optionelles simonprovost
materiel dessin simonprovost